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We are looking to add energetic bartenders and servers to join our team and family dynamic


  • 50% off meals (on shift or off)

  • No 'pool tipping'

  • Assigned large sections - less stress to turn over tables

  • Team work - we work together to make sure everyone succeeds


  • Craft beer knowledge with ambition to learn more

  • You have manners (hold the door open for grandma, please and thank you)

  • Open minded to receive constructive criticism in the moment

  • Detailed oriented - aka - if you’re done in the fridge shut the door. If you used the last of the toilet paper, replace it

  • Caring/team work - if you see mom bringing in groceries you don’t ask if they need help, you just do it

  • Open communication - if something is broken let someone know, if you can’t find your socks ask for help

 If you're looking to work with people who have good vibes, good work ethic, a passion for craft beer and a strong family environment - we want to hear from you! Just make sure you have thick skin, because we will build you up to your best ability in a positive way.

Please stop in with your resume for consideration


(707) 242-3383

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